Restaurant TAČ is situated in 140 Vrhovec street, on the top of the Vrhovec hill, oriented towards Sljeme, the highest point of Zagrebačka gora. Its position defines the restaurant as "under-Sljeme-restaurant". The best way to come to TAČ is trough Ilica and Mandaličina street, which is followed by Vrhovec street. If you want to avoid traffic jam and traffic lights, you can take a shortcut trogh Šestine and Šestinski vrh.

The restaurant is run by Miletić family, Tihomir-Tač, his wife Vesna and their sons. They all share common passion for catering and good food. Mrs. Vesna is occupied with interior decoration and with receiving of guests, while her husband Tač takes care of supplies. It is very important to mention that "Tač" is supplied by the best croatian food producers and has on its menu, according to the period of the year, istrian asparagus, truffles, wild rockett lettuce, istrian beef (boškarin), dalmatian loin (pečenice), prosciutto ham, kulen-sausage, venison sausages and other specialties. The best definition of the cuisine of TAČ would be: istrian and continental croatian cuisine, with the influence of all gastronomic traditions in this area.

The owners pay attention on the pastry-menu, so all sorts of cakes and home-made cookies can be found there. Among all these nice things the most interesting is the cake called "Tač", made of roasted almonds, chocolate and "krokanat" (caramelized nuts). There are also the famous "štrukli of Zagorje" (cheese-pie with fresh cheese and sour cream), fruit-strudels depending on the season.

But there is something that excludes TAČ of all the other restaurants; in the winter-kitchen under the restaurant all sorts of marmelades, sauerkraut, red-pepper chutney, sour-cherry- and wil-berry-liqueurs are made. During the summer, guests can enjoy the large beautiful terrace, which is always nice to sit on, because of the fresh breeze from the mountain, that makes the stay on the terrace pleasant.The restaurant has its own parking-lot, with about 30 parking places.



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restaurant "tač"
vrhovec 140, zagreb, HR
tel: +38513776757
fax: +38513776012
gsm: +385915308300
e-mail: info@restac.hr

working-hours / 12-24
mondays closed!